Real-Time Strategy Games

This type of online video game allows players to play in real time. In the majority of these games, the screen will actually be a map offering buildings, units, and terrain in the gaming world. Every player will have an interface that allows them to control, command and use a type of mini map or radar for the entire online fictional world.

In most cases, the action is very fast paced and players must be able to control and send out order using their mouse quickly and with good reflexes in order to succeed.

In this type of game, players are often seen on the map with only a few units or in some cases, in a building. The player will need to create more units or buildings in order to unlock levels in the game or unlock more units in the tree. In some cases, players will need to build an army and then use their own created army to defend an area which will require your army to kill any enemies that may try to overcome your army.

128-screenshot-2Of course, resources are very important as well in order to build units or buildings so you can unlock other features. Some gameplay will be honored by the way you use your units, the amount of territory you capture, or the number of buildings you create.

Some of the most popular real-time strategy games include Stonkers, Nether Earth, Gain Ground, Energy Warrior, J.R.R. Tolkien’s Rider of Rohan, Utopia” The Creation of a Nation, and Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations to name a few.

There are several new games for which a release date has not been announced, but may have older versions or are brand new ideas. A few of these include Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, Blitzkrieg 3, and Offworld Trading Company.

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