Online Console Games

console-game-joysticksOnline consoles use gaming systems in order to play multiplayer games via the internet. The two that allow players to go online and play a variety of games are Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Xbox Live

In order to play online games, users must own an Xbox One or Xbox 360. There are different features according to whether you are playing the free or subscription service known as Xbox Live Gold.

Features for playing free that are available on both gaming systems include avatars, cloud game saves, free to play, games with gold, online multiplayer, video Kinect, voice messaging, web browser, Bing, groove music, Microsoft movies & TV, along with a slew of third-party apps available.

Some of the games that you can access via this console system include Splosion Man, A Kingdom for Keflings, Aegis Wing, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Alien Hominid HD, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth, just to name a few.

PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network can be played on the internet via PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and some on the PlayStation Wii U.

Features that you will find for playing online free include avatars, free to play games, live broadcasting, media sharing, remote play, social hub, voice chat, voice messaging, and web browser; however, not all systems allow all of the features.

The network allows apps such as Animax, Crackle, PlayMemory, PlayStation Video, Share Factory, UEFA Champions League, and VidZone. Along with this, there are also various third party apps available just like Xbox Live.

A few of the games for PlayStation 4 include Kill Strain, Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight and Smite. PlayStation 3 games include Dust 514, Defiance, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters, and Uncharted 3, among others. PlayStation Vita games include Desert Ashes, My Singing Monsters, and Vitamin Z as examples.