Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games

moba-games-featureMultiplayer online battle arena games normally put two teams opposing one another with the goal of conquering and taking over the other’s base in order to win. On the other hand, some of the games offer different conditions that need to be reached in order to succeed. However, there is usually something that has to be completely destroyed for one team to win.

In most of the games, there are of course structures in place to help each team so the opposing one will have a more difficult time in destroying your base or structure. You will spawn in one location which is normally your own base then you will have to follow the path with your team to the opposing team’s base to destroy all obstacles in your way and to ultimately take over.

As you kill the enemy, you will level up which will make your hero or heroes stronger while receiving new powerful abilities and skills. If your character dies it must stay in a specific designated area which will allow you to level up. It will be slower, but you will revive and be able to join in the game again. Of course, there are different heroes to choose from as with all multiplayer games with most teams having a tank, a support role such as a healer, and others that can cause damage to the enemy.

As you kill enemies, you will gain gold or other types of coins that can be used to purchase items that will aid your hero in becoming stronger such as gear, weapons, or armor and other items that can aid in the team as a whole. The amount of coins you receive will be determined by the enemies you kill.

A few of the games you can find in the genre include Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Minions, League of Legends, Monday Night Combat, Dota 2, Prime World, Smite, and Gigantic, to name a few.