First-person Shooter Games

originalFirst-person shooter videogames are those that allow the player to see the action from their own perspective, like they are the ones being in the game and of course being the shooter. This type of approach was actually first seen in 1973 with a game called Maze War but since then it has grown more popular due to advancements in technology and graphics creating a more real life-like experience. With the invention of 3D graphics and the ability to play online with multiple players in real time, first-person shooter games are a huge success.

In the majority of cases, the gameplay is centered on quick-paced action and bloody fights. Anyway some are more focused on problem solving, narrative, and puzzles. Of course, there is shooting but you can also expect melee combat which is more powerful – although you must still learn how to maneuver to get in close to the enemy. The ones that are considered more life-like are tactical shooters that need a strategy, as well as a team play in order to be won.

The good thing is that in first-person shooter games you have several different weapons that will actually have an influence on the outcome. A few of the designs of the games have weapons that are very realistic, also including the accuracy, recoil, size of the magazine, rate of fire, and even the amount of ammunition the weapon can hold.

For real live action where you throw yourself into the game, you will certainly enjoy fast paced gameplay. Some of the most popular first-person shooter games you might be familiar with are Call of Duty series, Far Cry 2, Crysis, Resistance, and Fall of Man. So step up and try your hand at a first-person shooter game and see how well you do against the enemy!