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Hero Shooter Games

Hero shooter games are actually the newest video games on the market as they are an expansion of shooter games, and have only been released this year with online multiplayer games such as Paladins, Overwatch, and Battle

Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Online multiplayer games have grown in strength due to the internet and the ability of individuals around the globe to log into a game and play with others in real time. The draw of these types of

First-person Shooter Games

First-person shooter videogames are those that allow the player to see the action from their own perspective, like they are the ones being in the game and of course being the shooter. This type of approach was

Real-Time Strategy Games

This type of online video game allows players to play in real time. In the majority of these games, the screen will actually be a map offering buildings, units, and terrain in the gaming world. Every player

Online Console Games

Online consoles use gaming systems in order to play multiplayer games via the internet. The two that allow players to go online and play a variety of games are Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Xbox Live

Online Browser Games

The internet has allowed those that enjoy playing a variety of games as they do not have to purchase any other electronic gadgets or gaming systems other than their computer or other devices that allow them to

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games

Multiplayer online battle arena games normally put two teams opposing one another with the goal of conquering and taking over the other’s base in order to win. On the other hand, some of the games offer different

What are Online Games?

Online games are video style games that can be played via the Internet on various electronic gadgets including computers, cell phones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles. When it comes to the variety of games, a person can